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Exceptional Customer Service

We assign an AOT manager of educational services to each school to provide quick and accurate responses to all inquiries. Our managers work to meet the following objectives:

  • Evidence-based “best practice” interventions
  • Compliant progress monitoring/data collection
  • Cost controlling oversight
  • Clinical support for staff therapists
  • Innovative service customizations based on the school district’s priorities

Because many of our therapists have worked in educational settings for years, they have established themselves as clinical experts in their respective therapies. This experience allows us to meet a high standard for providing educationally-relevant therapy services. We promote best practices in programming for children and adolescents in schools. Our low employee turnover also results in staffing consistency and cost savings for our client districts.

You Can Rely on Your Manager of Educational Therapy to Do the Following:

  • Assist you in reviewing your therapy services programming to ensure the latest educational therapy services are implemented
  • Provide clinical support to the district’s therapy team
  • Meet with administration throughout the school year
  • Personally review all evaluations to ensure educational relevance, appropriate service frequency recommendations, measurable goals, and appropriate, specially designed instruction criteria, along with educational-friendly language
  • Attend challenging IEP meetings
  • Be on site when needed to assist districts with difficult situations
  • Organize and maintain the appropriate clinical staff, based on volume and skills
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“I wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with your OT! She simply blows my mind! She is extremely observant and could always describe my son to a T. Her knowledge and patience is wonderful. She takes the time to go over things with me and is always willing to provide extra help.”

– L. R., Parent