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Our Mission

Decades of therapy excellence and exceptional management have served as the foundation for AOT’s continued growth. We are constantly improving our technology, systems, methods and quality standards to ensure continued therapy excellence, and we consistently deliver our services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Flexibility is a mainstay for our organization for adapting to the needs of our clients and our employees.

We keep abreast of new educational practices. Our team of experienced school-based therapist managers provides our therapists with practical tools, training in best practices and clinical oversight. We embrace innovation and research not only in our areas of specialization, but also in the educational arena to empower therapists to work effectively with teachers and parents. We also foster close relationships with regional universities and community groups.

AOT Educational Therapy Services Provide:

  • Consistent service excellence
  • Flexible, customized programs
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Comprehensive data system
  • Efficient, effective and supportive management
  • Dedicated, skilled therapists
  • Full management support provided by educational placement and therapy managers

AOT Therapists Are Well Prepared to Support Your Educational Program With:

  • Respected professional development
  • An emphasis on professional satisfaction
  • Access to a student information system
  • Comprehensive online resource center
  • Extensive assessment library with the most up-to-date school-based tests and assessments
  • Access to a custom proprietary blog for AOT news, discussions and sharing professional insights
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Boy in group therapy
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“The response from parents and staff has been very positive! Each AOT therapist has been pleasant and professional. The opportunity of having a whole ‘agency’ of experts to call on, when a specific child need is identified, has been an advantage.”

– J. W., Executive Director