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Letter Games

Draw or paint 26 letters of the alphabet on card stock and let them dry thoroughly. If using outside, make sure to use indelible markers or acrylic paints that are waterproof.



Word Finder

  • Write words on cards.
  • To make the letter cards, you could use the puffy paint instructions found here on this website.
  • Spread the letter cards out on the floor or grass. Have the child find the letters on each word card and bring them back to spell the word.

Letter Jumping

  • Lay letter cards out on the floor. Then, call out letters one by one and have the child locate and jump onto the letters.










  • Follow the link above for game directions
  • Make cards for the following number of letters. You will need 144 pieces of card stock or recycled cardboard.
  • Here is the breakdown of how many you need of each letter.
    • 2: J, K, Q, X, Z
    • 3: B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y
    • 4: G
    • 5: L
    • 6: D, S, U
    • 8: N
    • 9: T, R
    • 11: O
    • 12: I
    • 13: A
    • 18: E

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