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Spaghetti Worms

spaghetti wormsDigging in dirt is a simple sensory activity that can be made more exciting with the addition of spaghetti “worms.” Kids find it to be messy and lots of fun. Squeezing the slimy spaghetti worms gives a lot of sensory feedback, and grasping the noodles with tweezers makes it a fine motor activity, as well.

Here is how to structure the activity:


  1. Cook spaghetti noodles and bury them in wet soil or mulch. On a rainy day, this could be done in a bowl on a covered table.
  2. Kids can then poke around in the soil with their fingers or use tweezers to catch the worms.
  3. The worms can be counted as they are caught and placed in a plastic jar.
  4. Use tweezers to line them up on a paper plate and measure the lengths to see which is the largest or shortest worm of the group.


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