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Walking Games

* These games are great for car trips, too.


I Spy*:spyglasses

One person picks an object, and everyone has to guess what it is. They don’t have any clues other than the first letter that the object begins with. Your kids will love having the power over you while you’re guessing away! This classic travel game works just as well when you are on foot. Make it more challenging by adding rules, such as “natural items only” or “pick something that has a name that shares your initial.”

Fun idea: Pick up a pair of cheap colorful sunglasses for the “Spy” to wear when it is her/his turn.


hand-to-ear-listeningWhen You Hear …

Pick a trigger sound, such as a car horn’s honk or a bird’s chirp. Line up in single file and start walking. When you hear the special sound, the first person in the line has to run to the back and become the caboose. Continue until everyone’s had a turn to lead the line.



Follow the Leader Interval Training:heeltoe

Depending on your kids’ ages and abilities, spice up a walk by challenging them to incorporate different moves, such as walking heel to toe, running, hopping, skipping, scuttling sideways, etc.


onetwothreeCount Off*:

Pick something to keep track of, from red cars to dead trees. Make it a contest or collaborate, whichever is more appealing to your crew of walkers.





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