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Sock Pencil Grip Tool

IMG_3464 IMG_3468Here is a fun idea for making a tool to help children hold their pencils correctly:

  1. Find an appropriately-sized sock to comfortably fit over the child’s hand – a recycled one is fine.
  2. Cut a small hole at the toe end for the index finger. Cut another small hole by the heel for the thumb. Reinforce the hole with clear nail polish, or singe the cut edges, to prevent unraveling.
  3. Fit the sock over child’s hand poking the index finger and thumb through the holes to hold the pencil.

Patterned socks are generally available at dollar and discount stores, too. The one pictured here was from a dollar store. It had a teddy bear design and was infant/toddler sized. It was very stretchy and easily fit over a small adult hand, so it would work for children of all ages. A plain sock can be decorated to make it extra fun and motivating for small children to use.


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