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Puffy Paint #1


Squeeze bottles like this are available at discount stores, fabric and craft stores

Squeeze bottles like this one are available at discount stores, fabric and craft stores

Here are easy instructions for making Puffy Paint. We recommend putting the paint into squeeze bottles to use as writing tools.

You will need a squeeze bottle for each color – discount stores, fabric stores and craft stores carry these for about a dollar each.

In a bowl, mix equal parts: Flour, Water & Salt (for example 1/2 c of each). Mix this with a spoon or whisk so that there are no clumps. You can add more or less water depending on the consistency of paint you’d like, but it seemed that an equal (or just barely less) amount of water worked the best.

Once the mixture is blended well, add coloring. You can use food coloring. The more coloring you add, the more vibrant your paints will be. Create multiple colors by mixing three basic ones: red, blue and yellow — and different shades of each color, ie light pink, red. Once the paint is blended with the coloring, use a funnel to pour each paint color into it’s own squeeze bottle.

This paint is non-toxic, but is not gluten free. It dries to a glossy sheen. It can be used on stiff paper or cardboard, on sidewalks or on shower stall walls. When you are finished admiring the artwork, just wash it off.


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