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Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

sidewalk chalk

What You Need:

Empty toilet tissue rolls or small paper cups for molds.
1 cup Plaster of Paris
3/4 cup Water
Medium Sized Bowl
Powdered Tempera Paint

  1. Mix together Plaster of Paris and water. Add color to your mixture using powdered tempera paint.
  2. Blend well and let stand for a few minutes. Pour your mixture into the molds you chose.
  3. Set aside and let dry completely. Drying time can take from several hours to a few days depending on the size of the mold you chose. Once dry you can remove your chalk from the mold.
  4. Set it aside to dry for approximately 24 hours more.
  5. Take your chalk outside and create fun masterpieces!


  • Powdered tempera paint is available in most large craft stores.
  • Experiment with making swirled colors by adding the paint and stirring very little.
  • Occupational therapy tip:
    • To build arm and hand strength, have your child draw on a vertical surface, such as a chalkboard or block wall (anything that is easily washable with soap and water for cleanup).
  • Physical therapy tip:
  • Draw hopscotch and work on jumping, hopping and one-legged balance.
  • Click here for hopscotch rules.
  • Have child move (do a squat walk or step from side to side while drawing).

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