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Animals Crawls/Walks

AOT pediatric therapists often recommend animal crawls and walks as part of a home program.


You may like to view this YouTube video as an illustration of how each exercise can be done. Please note that we like some, but not all, of the exercises from this video, so please note the times listed after each exercise. Use these times as guidelines for fast-forwarding through the video to suggested exercises.

We like the following (times in parentheses):

  • Army Crawl  (0.10-0.18)
  • Bear Crawl in place, forward, backward, and sideways (0.34-1.06)
  • Bear Crawl Up a Hill (1.15-1:18)
  • Duck Walk forward and backward and sideways (2:27-2:42)
  • Ape Walk forward, backward and sideways (2:42-3:04)
  • Crab Walk forward, backward, sideways (3:05-3:25)
  • Inchworm forward (3:27-3:38)


  • Click on this link for 15 Animal Walks for Sensory Input:

  • Here is another video of a simple bear crawl:

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