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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor activities promote strengthening of the small muscles of the hands, coordination of the two sides of the body and brain, and developmental hand skills.

When playing, keep in mind that lying in a prone position (on the stomach), propped on elbows (puzzles, coloring) gives good weight bearing exercise to the shoulders. It’s also great for improving sitting posture, and strengthening the neck and trunk.

Sidewalk Chalk – Trace or print letters, numbers and shapes. Make a maze and have your child draw a line through the maze. For instructions to make a batch of chalk at home, visit this website:

Tweezers – click here to download instructions for making a fun Big Mouth Ladybug tweezer activity


Games – Play the games Operation® or Bed Bugs®.

Art Projects:

  • Tissue paper pictures: tear small pieces of tissue paper, roll/squeeze into tiny pellets and glue to a picture. Use tweezers and tongs to pick up and place the pellets.
  • Stained glass kits (available at Michael’s Craft Store, Jo Ann Fabrics). Use tweezers to pick up and place the small plastic pellets.


Take apart a Lego miniature figure and hide body parts in Thinking putty.  Use hands to pull pieces out and build mini figures.

Bead Stringing, Sewing, and Lacing

  • Make sure beads are large enough for your child to handle easily so as to limit frustration.
  • Use a hole puncher to punch holes around a picture or greeting card, then lace up with string, ribbon or yarn
  • Use decorative hole punchers to make pictures
  • Macramé jewelry is fun and challenging for older children.
  • Coloring, drawing, painting

Online Resource for fine motor craft ideas



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