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Glow-in-the-dark Bowling

This night time game would be great fun for family picnics and 4th of July celebrations. It is great for visual tracking as well as motor skill building.

glowbowlingYou need:

  • 1 hamster ball (from pet section at discount store – costs about $4.00)
  • 6 tall clear water or soda bottles
  • Glow sticks from dollar store
  • Packing tape
  • Water

To make the glowing pins all you have to do is place one or two activated glow sticks into each water bottle and put the lids back on.  You can fill the pins with water if you want.  To make the glowing bowling ball just tape the desired amount of  activated glow sticks to the inside of the hamster ball, put it together \, and secure the side and lid with packing tape.  That’s it!  Then it’s time to PLAY!


The GLOW IN THE DARK ball can also be thrown back and forth, or used for a game of HOT POTATO.

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